House of Bounce Party Add-ons

We have many options to make your party or event a wonderful experience.  If you have special requests or needs, please call (732) 919-0999 or Contact us to discuss.

Absolutely no outside food is permitted with the exception of your cake/cupcakes

Gluten free options available!

Food Bundles:

Sized and priced based on the number of guests in your party.  Includes 1 Large slice of pizza cut into 1/2 and unlimited drinks for each party child

Mini Party - $75

Value Party - $90

Premier Party - $105

Ultimate Party - $125


Ultimate Bundles:

Sized and priced based on the number of guests in your party.  Let us do all the work - You just show up


The Ultimate Bundle includes everything below for each party child:

  •  1 large slice of pizza cut into 1/2 and unlimited drinks for each party child

  • Includes 1/2 sheet cake with child’s name on it

  • Includes a Goodie Bag for each party child

                               Mini Party - $135

                               Value Party - $150

                               Premier Party - $175

                               Ultimate Party - $200

Food and Drink Options:


  • Chips / Pretzels for party participants $20

  • Fruit Tray or Vegetable Tray  $40

  • Assorted Cheeses and Crackers Tray $35



  • Unlimited drinks only per party participant $1.50

  • 2 liter bottles of soda for the adults and non-participants $2.95/2L bottle

  • Bottled water  $1.50/bottle


Extra Pizza:

Additional pizzas for the adults and non-participants.  $16.95/pie  $2 each topping


Sub Platters:

Freshly prepared sub platters featuring a variety of stuffing combinations.  

  Regular platter $45  Large Platter $95


Chicken Fingers:

Yummy chicken tenders and French fries  $45/tray

Bagels, Muffins

  • 1 bagel (cream cheese/butter) and unlimited drinks for each party child  

               Value Party - $60

               Premier Party - $75

               Ultimate Party - $90

  • Bagels for adult guests by the dozen (includes cream cheese and butter) $20

  • Jumbo Muffins (chocolate chocolate chip, blueberry) by the dozen  $14

Party Sweet Treats:

Sheet Cake

  • Order a custom made sheet cake and it will be hand delivered the day of your party (serves 40+ guests)   $49.95

  Add-on a custom theme image to any cake $10


  • 24 delicious cupcakes (chocolate, vanilla, or mixed)



Build your own Sundaes!!  $3.50/child

Laser Light Show:

Want to make the party just a little bit more exciting?? Turn the lights off & put the Disco lights on! Our Light Show Bounce party includes: 

  • Disco lights in our 2 bounce rooms during your party

  • each child will receive a glow stick necklace ( up to 25 children)  $50


Put the camera down and let us take the pictures for you!  Then we will upload them and give you a unique code so that you can access your photos!  Email them, share them with family and friends, or download them to your computer to print on your own!  On top of that, enjoy a slideshow of your photos in your party room for all of your guests to see!   $40

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